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My name is Nadine Shousha and I am a French Egyptian self-claimed writer who was born and raised in Egypt. Throughout my life, I have experienced way too many rant-worthy situations. This platform is created to allow people to see that they are not alone. One of my main takeaways from the pandemic is the importance of finding a community filled with support and open communication. Boozled is a place where any and everyone can come and read about common thoughts and find motivation through my voice. I strive to analyse a situation and extract any type of positivity and share it with the world.  

I have a B.S in Biochemistry and Cell Biology along with a minor in Law and Society from the University of California San Diego. More importantly, I have a passion for writing, reading, sports, baking, and self-growth. I am grateful for my diverse interests and seek to excel in as many aspects as I can. 

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