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Getting In The Ring, More Than Just A Fight

More than just a physical challenge!

After the start of the year that I had, I decided not to let it cloud over what was ahead. Instead, I decided to look at it as if the worst had already happened and there was no way but up. I decided to choose myself and to choose to make the most of the year. The charity fight was more than just getting in the ring and fighting against someone and raising money for an incredible cause. It was also about discipline, it was about getting myself out of my comfort zone, it was about discovering a side of myself I kept buried for a really long time. I proved to myself that I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to. I proved to myself that I could pick up a new hobby and allow myself to be consumed by it. It introduced me to new people from all walks of life. It taught me resilience and pushed me on my path to self-confidence. It allowed me to turn in and listen to my body and push myself beyond boundaries I ever thought I would face. I allowed myself to get punched in the face as though it was nothing. I can now say that I walked into a ring voluntarily and faced someone who had one objective, hitting me and I survived. It was not about the win or the knockout. It was about showing myself that I can accomplish this challenge. That I have the strength and the determination. It showed me the side of myself that thrives off of physical challenges and adventures. It activated a part in me that is capable of fighting fears head-on and grabbing life. It pushed me to see that getting out of my comfort zone is not as scary as it seems. It opened up a curiosity in me to explore this confidence in all aspects of my life. If I can choose to put myself in a position to be hit and to even lose a fight in front of 600 people, what is one rejection by a job, what is one rejection by a guy, what is one bad day? Absolutely nothing.

It made me realise how things really aren’t that deep unless you let them. The only way things can weigh you down is if you give them that purpose if you give them the power to defeat you. If you just take it on the chin and move on, acknowledge the positives and the lessons of that scenario you can just continue pushing through life without dragging that baggage behind you. Yeah, I lost, but I also got into a ring to begin with and I raised money for cancer research, so am I really a loser? Those seem like victories to me.

This experience also taught me a lot about the people in my life and the gratitude I have for how supportive they are. My family and friends stood by me, motivated me, empowered me, encouraged me, and praised me regardless of the outcome. They made me feel as though I was invincible and a champion for just getting in the ring to begin with. These people showed me that even when I do things for myself it still makes them happy and proud. A lesson I struggled to accept for a long time. It showed me that it’s okay to do something for myself and that I will still be supported no matter what.


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