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How Does Manifestation Actually Work?

Looking at manifestation from a scientific point view.

Do you struggle to just hear people preach about how manifestation has changed their life and worked in their favour and truly believe it?

Well in middle school science we learn about the conservation of energy and that energy is neither created nor destroyed rather it is transferred or transformed. If we apply this idea to our inner self we realise that the energy within us can be transformed as well.

When thinking of the concept of manifestation, I have always questioned how it works and wondered whether speaking something into existence can actually make it happen. What helped was to understand how our energy is impacted by our thoughts.

The energy that exists within us flows from our inner self due to our subjective actions that impact our brains. Visualisation is actually a subjective action. It impacts the way our energy is used and applied which is also known as our energy pattern. So in a way, our visualisations allow energy to shape into what is visualised.

How do our thoughts affect our energy? Well, it is due to the fact that thoughts and matter are forms of electromagnetic energy. If we think of similar or positive thoughts to what we are trying to visualise it adds energy to the evolving thought form but if we think of something opposing it we detract energy. I know this all sounds scientific but with my biochemistry background and need for logical thinking, this research into the technical way we visualise materialisation has helped me understand how it works and believe in its use.

Thinking of manifestation as an ambiguous concept made it difficult for me to fully grasp and so I broke it down into an equation.

            Sufficient energy regarding the visualisation + conditions permitted for it to occur= potential manifestation of the event. 

            To reach sufficient energy, visualising intentions is effective because it generates desire which gives the thought more energy and power to manifest. Desire also helps because it fuels us and motivates us to figure out what we need to attain our wants. Everyone always goes on about affirmations and imagining that the result has already happened, but this can move concepts in and out of your mind. With the help of mental images and intense emotions, materialisation is quite high and achievable.

       Think of Murphy’s Law -for all interstellar fans you know what I am talking about- which says that “if anything can go wrong, it will”. This goes to show that an assumption is a belief that can run interference when it is negative. Now imagine the effect of an assumption that is positive. So my takeaway is that all assumptions should support your belief and goals.

            Now to connect between the inner and outer reality we go back to the equation and the part of it referring to the permitted conditions. If life conditions prevent a desire from happening they may need to change positively to welcome that event. So once that internal or external pattern changes, the event can shift to your benefit. Then when progress is observed it becomes more believable and there is a positive snowball effect accelerating the progress. It starts slow because you have to stop your previous negative mentality and clear away all internal obstructions and doubts within. But when all negative roadblocks are cleared and you start to notice things happening in your favour the overall concept becomes more believable devoting more positive energy into materialising your vision.

            So after all this scientific analysis, it seems clear to me that by positively thinking about your end goal and realising that you are in control of your thoughts you can give a desire enough energy to reach the threshold and allow it to manifest. Honestly, I think it is worth a try. But when you do give it a try, remind yourself a couple of things

            Progress is slow. You are in control of your thoughts. Think positively, create affirmations, and develop strong images and desires. Lastly, believe in yourself and realise that you can do it.

            Good luck with this new mentality towards manifestation and let me know if does end up working for you! I will hopefully be writing another article about my positive interaction with manifestation shortly.

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