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Is There Such A Thing As Jinxing Positive Manifestation?

Does an object dictate my destiny or do I?

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Is it possible to associate something with bad luck? Like you ritualized a behavior then something in your life did not turn out as planned so now you just avoid that routine because you are worried that if you do it again bad luck will happen? As though attempting to positively manifest something turns into jinxing it from happening. It’s so interesting how superstitious one can be. How into the spiritual realm and energies people can be. I am not going to lie I believe in some of it. I am a firm believer in the ideology of the energy you put out in the world is the energy you will receive. If someone constantly puts negative energy and pessimism out in the world, they are always hit back with negative situations. Energies are like a boomerang, they return the same way you sent them away. That is why it’s always important to fathom positive energy to be let out in the world. The solution is not to fake the positivity but to work hard towards establishing it. Nothing in life comes easy and positivity and happiness are most definitely an aspect of life that requires large amounts of work. It takes time and effort to find the good in life, especially during the hardest times.

Now back to my issue with the bad luck carrier. Should I be hesitant in using the items that I used back in my previous routine, or should I believe it is cursed in some way? Is it because of my negativity that I think it is cursed or is it because it just actually is? It may seem stupid but I am sure every single person has something whether an object or an activity that has been associated with an unfortunate incident that now you believe is tainted. I wonder what measures need to be taken to rid it of the taint. Or if there is some form of expiration period that once it hits that date the jinx should be over?

The best solution I have found is to remind myself that I am in control of my life. I have the power to dictate what decisions I make, what actions I take, and what paths I want to follow. So when carrying this form of confidence in my decisions and behaviours I shatter the jinx because I feel empowered enough to depend on myself rather than the “jinxed” object or routine. It is through the belief in myself that the curse is broken.

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