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Que Sera, Sera

To ease the situations that are beyond our control.

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Que Sera, Sera. What will be, will be. I have decided to adopt this as my new motto. For someone filled up to the brim with anxieties at the most random times, I feel as though I can seek refuge in these words. The truth behind it stems from the assumption and possible belief that some aspects of life are beyond our control. As much as I love being in control of everything in my life, there comes a time where you have to accept that not everything is under our grasp. Not everything can be dictated or given orders too. Sometimes, some situations or moments just happen and all we can do is accept the circumstances we now face. All we can do is enjoy the process and experience. In times of situations beyond our control, we must strive to seek comfort in the positive aspects. This takes mental strength and this takes practice. It takes the ability to seek gratitude through any situation presented. I have accomplished this by believing that in certain moments Que Sera, Sera. When we can acknowledge that what will be, will, in fact, be no matter what we do to try and change it, is when we can enjoy what life has presented us. By believing that it is not our job and our duty to control and analyze every one aspect of our life and just “go along for the ride,” we will be able to invite euphoria into our lives.

Obviously, there is no right way to handle a situation and I am a firm believer in each their own in all forms of life. I just also believe that it helps to be reminded that although we may face a challenge, many grateful things happened along the way to that hurdle and many great things will happen once we jump over it too. Regardless of how hard we try, no one is going to intervene in our lives and remove that hurdle. All we can do is accept that what will be, will be, and face that hurdle head-on with all our strength and might. By carrying that attitude I find it difficult for something to come in our way and bring us down.

As long as we realize we are the driving forces of our happiness, and focus on what we have versus what we do not. Focus on what we need versus the absurd wants and just seek comfort in the fortunes of life we have experienced. Focus on the fact that not everything is in our control and that at times we just have to let things play out. It is then that we can seek comfort in the idea of what will be, will be. For that reason, I have embraced the ideology behind Que Sera, Sera and wish to carry it with me through my hardest times of life.

I also want to give a P.S that this motto should not be applied to a situation that is in our control that we just cannot fathom enough energy to handle. This motto is catered to the uncontrollable, not the situations where we find ourselves lazy or wrong. It is not a crutch or an excuse. So do not get consumed by that. Its purpose is to fuel internal strength and to comfort uncontrollable anxieties. So with that, Que Sera, Sera.

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