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Auditioning For The Role Of Me

Why win the award for best supporting role in your own life if you can win for being the lead?

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Do you ever feel like you are playing the supporting role in your own life, that you are sitting in the passenger seat when you are supposed to be the one driving the car? There comes moments in your life when you just sit and look back and realize that you have not been the one taking charge in your own life. That you have been living a reactionary life rather than a proactive life. That you have not been taking life by the balls and that you mainly seize opportunities rather than making your own. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of the opportunities presented to you, but it is so much more empowering to create your opportunities. To just go out into the world and do something on your own, do something from scratch. How incredible is it to fabricate something out of nothing, to derive inspiration from your surroundings, and develop something entirely unique and of your own expression? It is about time that we take our own lives into our own hands. That we each become the leading role in our own life. That we vocalize how we feel, what we want, what we need.

Why do we watch movies and shows and be like “I wish I can do what this character did” when we can actually do what that character just did. No one is stopping us but ourselves. When we blame society or the people around us for preventing us from doing what we want, a majority of the time it is a false accusation. It is ourselves that acts as a roadblock since we value the opinions and views of society over the actions that we want to take. That is the prime example of self-restriction, of being your worst enemy, of being your own obstacle. Imagine how simple life would be if everyone could just do what they want without any judgement or confinement. Now realize that that’s what life is like for those who are the leading characters in their own lives, for those who grab the wheel of the car and take control. They do not waste their time indulging in the opinions of anyone but themselves. It is time we empower ourselves and acknowledge that our hopes and dreams outweigh the judgement of those around us. If it is truly your dream then the people that matter to you should unconditionally support and motivate you towards pursuing your goals. Those who put you down and demean your aspirations are not worth your time.

We must believe that the lives we want to live are achievable and within our grasp as long as we are the ones pushing ourselves to get there. As long as we are keeping our minds free of unnecessary judgement and filled with self-empowerment and encouragement. By believing in your aspirations first then opening yourself to the views of other people, you find it easier to block out the needless negative comments and get fueled by the positive reinforcement. We are strong enough on our own to excel and push ourselves towards our goals. So step one is to cast yourself as the lead of your own life and begin to embrace that character for all aspirations and believe that you have the means of accomplishing what you set your mind to. Once that is done and you are internally empowered, if necessary, you can begin to expose yourself to the opinions of the supporting cast in your life.

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