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The Fear of Wasted Time

A wake up call to seize every moment and opportunity!

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Death has a unique way of impacting someone. At times it affects those not even directly related to the person it has just taken away. It tragically hits a family, then it overflows to take over those who care for the family and who were friends of the recently departed. Then it could leave a wake that hits those in the near vicinity as collateral damage. How it influences a person's life varies in intriguing ways. There are moments where it pushed a person overboard to become reckless or careless. On the other hand, it can whip someone into shape to realize how valuable life is and live it to their absolute full potential. It can also resurface the knowledge that we have buried deep in our heads about how short life is. It can make us feel as though we must cherish every moment we have alive and every moment we have with the people that matter in our lives. The experience makes us realize that at any moment someone could be taken away from us without any warning signs and for that reason, we must take advantage of every moment together.

Now with these thoughts, I can’t help but wonder, does that mean we throw out all other rules and regulations society lives by? Does that mean we can go back to someone who’s hurt us before if we still care for them, no matter the rules of accepting being ghosted or cast aside? Does that mean we reach out to all types of people no matter what drama is going on between us to address that life is short and we do not want to waste time without them? Does going through something like this remind us of the people that matter most to us regardless of what the current stance in the relationship is like? Or does it remind us not to waste time on people who do not appreciate us fully? Do we only surround ourselves in our limiting moments with the people that constantly make us feel good not the ones that we think will make us feel good but the ones that actually do?

It is incredible how easily the death of someone you know can drag you into a spiral of thoughts. Thought’s that vary from cherishing life to questioning all relationships and decisions you made in life. You only get to live one life so it is important to make sure you have lived it to its full potential with all the people that matter to you. But how do you know if that’s what you are doing? How do you know if you are on the right path or living life “correctly”?

One of my biggest fears and pet peeves is wasted talent. We are all given one life with all its fortunes in whatever form they come and surrounded by people we love and that love us back, so my biggest issue is those who waste their life and do not find it within themselves to appreciate whatever they are given. Those who are greedy in search of more than what is right in front of them are wasting the fortunes that they have that other people struggle to find.

So it is important to find gratitude in the life handed to you and make the most of it with the people you love around you. Hopefully, if that is done, one can look back at their life with nothing but joy and comfort knowing that they did the most they can and achieved the most they had access to. Therefore, they did not waste a single talent or fortune. To me, that would be the best and most reassuring way to live my life.

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