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If You Considered It, Why Not Do It?

Battling the overthinking monster!

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In a Netflix movie, I watched today, a supporting character said something that stuck with me. He said that the chances of us being born are so slim. What if our ancestors never crossed paths? What if they took the wrong turn on a street or they just decided not to do something one day and that one decision resulted in you not being born. How crazy is it to think that absolutely the tiniest of things could have resulted in our nonexistence? Not only does that quote make you think about how lucky it is to be alive but also the fact that every decision you make matters. That any choice results in something incredible in the future and that everything in your life is tied together. It makes you think about the fact that everything happens for a reason.

This concept also makes you realise how precious life is and that you should take advantage of it. You are so lucky to be alive and that since it could have been so easy for you to not be born you should make the most of the life you have now. You need to grab life and cease every moment. Do not overthink everything, do not sit there and waste time weighing the pros and cons because by the time you come to a decision it could be too late. The opportunity could easily just fly by and then you would always wonder what if and what could have been. Just follow your gut and follow your instincts, you had this gut feeling for a reason. Gut feelings don’t just happen. The fact that they are rare makes them special and shows that you should trust them. So if you want to send that message, do it. If you want to skydive, do it. If you want to confess your love, do it. The only person stopping you is yourself, so just do it and see what happens.

We are so lucky to be alive, so fortunate to make decisions and that these decisions matter. With that, we should all just follow through and cease that moment that you usually would spend days thinking about. Make the most of the life that we were luckily given and do the most with it. That’s what’s important, do the most of what you can with the life and resources that are in your reach because not everyone has access to those.

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